Got Expertise? Get a Hollywood Gig As a Technical Screen Consultant

Lights. Camera. Action! If you’re a quiet, bookish sort of person who looks enviously at the glamour of Hollywood, there’s a little-known way you can participate in the excitement of a big-budget documentary, feature film or TV series: serving as a behind-the-scenes, off-camera technical script consultant.

Even when movies and TV shows take place in the realm of fantasy, they usually strive for some degree of authenticity and grounding in reality, and that is where they hire (and pay) authors, experts, professors and practitioners possessing unusual skills or backgrounds.

One Northwestern University professor who specializes in robotics and artificial intelligence, for example, served as a script consultant for a series on the Syfy channel about battling robots. He brainstormed plot concepts with the show’s writers, tweaked dialogue and suggested corrections for technical accuracy.

A Mount Holyoke College history professor got tapped as a resource for the BBC America series “Copper,” which dramatizes incidents involving the New York City police department during the Civil War. Producers even flew him to Toronto, where they shot the whole series, so he could continue to help make the characters, stories and action as realistic as possible.

A neurosurgeon who teaches at the University of Arizona offers medical ideas to “Grey’s Anatomy” and helps fine-tune the show for plausibility. He tells the writers whether a character should say “Give me the forceps” or “Give me the Number 10 Scalpel Blade.”

You don’t have to be a college professor or published author to quality for this kind of work, however. A guy I know teaches outdoor survival skills in the woods of Maine. Because he used to live in Alaska, he had the opportunity to advise a Discovery Channel outdoor adventure show on how the hero could make his way from the wilderness back to civilization without food, water or tools.

A practicing attorney in Los Angeles has script consulting credits for four TV shows: LA Law, The Practice, Boston Legal and The Paper Chase. As you can tell from the other examples above, though, you do not have to live in California or near Hollywood to become eligible for technical script consulting work.

If you’re interested in experiencing and contributing your expertise to these kinds of entertainment productions, look for movie and TV industry directories where you can list your qualifications. There are dozens of them. In addition, you can attract attention from the right kinds of people by blogging from your expert point of view about inaccuracies you see and story themes you appreciate in movies and TV shows. Do so respectfully, of course, rather than scoffing at the bonehead stupidity and ignorance of the writers and producers.

And while you will probably enjoy your brush with glamour, don’t make any prima donna demands yourself. Those you are working for expect a cooperative, go-with-the flow attitude from you. Tim Smith, the survival skills expert I know, told me, “Remember that it’s all about the show, not about you. They need you to be a team player.”

So You Want to Be a Consultant?

As attractive as it may seem – even glamorous, perhaps – being a Consultant takes work. It’s a job. It can also be a business, a career, even a profession, depending on the attitude with which you approach the effort. And, yes, becoming a Consultant does take effort. Make no mistake about that.

What do you need to start? Something you’re good at, obviously. Well, not just “good,” but as one of my college students once put it, you have to be “gooder” than everyone else. Can you believe a college student saying that? He did. Anyway, to put it in more acceptable terms, you have to have some knowledge, skill or talent – some ability – that’s more than, greater than, better than most others in your field.

You can’t be just “an expert.” You have to be “the expert.” “An expert” gets a job, becomes an employee. “The expert,” becomes the Consultant, someone many companies willingly to pay top dollar to for what he or she knows or can accomplish.

Is there some test to determine your level of expertise, some license you must study for to earn? After all, attorneys are licensed. So too are real estate and insurance brokers. So, what about Consultant? The simple answer is, “No!” There is no license required to call yourself a “consultant.” Some communities may require that you get a business license, but no government body licenses “consultants.”

Oh, if you’re curious about why I spell Consultant differently a different times – using both upper and lower case Cs – it’s because the to me the upper case version identifies a professional, the lower case nothing more than an area of interest, a topic for discussion.

Starting out, the most difficult part of becoming a Consultant is convincing potential clients that you are “the expert.” That’s a process that begins long before you make the decision to “go it alone.” Your expertise is typically based on what you’ve done – the reputation you earned over a number of years – working in your field of interest. So while there may be no license required to become a Consultant, an often lengthy apprenticeship is usually part of the process.

Keep in mind, too, that becoming a Consultant is not a destination. It’s a process. You’re “the expert,” remember? To remain “the expert,” a Consultant must always continue learning. Certainly about his or her particular area of expertise, but also about the various areas on the fringe of that specialty. For example, if you’re specialty is marketing, you’d better make it a point to know a good deal about operations, finance, management, even law.

Being a Consultant can provide interesting as well as rewarding work. But it is a job. It still requires that you work at it every day, either working for your clients or working to find additional clients. And it always means you have to be “gooder” at what you do than anyone else if you want to grow your family of clients.

The Hunt For The Best Injury Compensation Experts On The Web

What is Injury Compensation?

Injury compensation is the reparation that you receive from your employers or from the company that you work at in case you meet an accident while performing your work. Many companies provide compensation for their employees or workers in cases of accidents, but the process is one that not everyone can understand. Now if you do not want to go through the hassles of the claiming process, you will need the assistance of injury solicitors. To date, there are many injury reparation specialists, but you should consider a thorough search for the best one so that you may find the best among the rest.

Claiming Injury Compensation

In case you want to do the claiming process yourself, you should think deeply if you are allowed by law or the statutes of the company. More often than not, companies will only compensate injuries that are sustained in the performance of your duties for the company. For instance, if you are working in a factory and the machine you are using malfunctions then explodes causing injury, you may validly ask for compensation from your employers. Bear in mind that if the injury or accident did not happen during the course of performing your duties at work, you can never ask your employers to compensate for the injuries you may have sustained.

Look for Injury Solicitors

Now if you are unsure of the process, you should definitely consider looking for injury solicitors so that the claiming process may be hastened. However, you should know that not all injury compensation professionals out there are considered as the best because some of them do not have experience in doing so. One of the best ways for looking for them is to access websites that provide for the academic backgrounds of said solicitors. Another way of looking for them is to ask around or to visit your friends who are, in one way or another, connected with lawyers.

Consulting Experts about Claiming Injury Compensation

After the search for the best injury compensation professionals, it is likely that you have narrowed that list to some that strongly appeal to your needs. If so, you should talk with them as soon as possible so that you can settle the problem you have with the company. It would be best if you could have a chat with a lawyer or two, but if you have a really busy schedule, you can always give lawyers a call and you can state your concerns with them. Remember that you will need to reveal all the facts without hesitation so that the lawyer can figure out how he may present the claim properly against your employers.

Immigration laws

Immigration laws are rules which govern the immigration practices of a country. The entire practice of migration must be in accordance with the immigration laws of the country. Immigration laws are intended to conduct immigration efficiently. They were introduced to control immigration. With the September 11 attack, countries have become more vigilant about illicit entries. Most countries have taken steps to practice immigration laws more stringently.

Immigration laws are formulated according to the immigration policy of the country. Each country has different perspective on immigration. The legal experts in the country formulate the laws according to the prevailing social and economic conditions. The foreign policy of the country also reflects in the immigration laws. The immigration laws are enacted by the legislative body of the country. Separate government bodies are entrusted to practice immigration laws. Usually the department of immigration regulates the immigration law.

Immigration laws define the legal duties and rights of those migrating. The laws detail about the circumstances under which immigration must be approved. The law specifies the eligibility of the immigrant. The person, who satisfies the regulations of the immigration law, only will get approval to enter the country. The obligation of the immigrants to the country is well defined in the laws. The immigration law specifies the measures to control the illegal immigrant. The laws are periodically revised by amendments according to requirements of the prevailing situation.

The formalities in the law are usually complex, for a common man. To avoid hassles in the proceedings of immigration, it is advised to consult experts in immigration law, while planning for immigration. Some government counsels offer free consultation in immigration laws. Online clarifications on immigration law are available from some Internet sites. The authenticity of the information has to be cross checked since the law is revised regularly. Official websites for immigration will be the best choice to gather information about immigration law.

Immigration [] provides detailed information on Immigration, Immigration Lawyers, Canadian Immigration, Immigration Attornies and more. Immigration is affiliated with Canada Immigration Lawyers [].

4 Signs That You Are Not Working With a Professional Expert Witness and Need to Switch

Expert witnesses are integral to the success or failure of litigation. There’s much more to being an expert witness than offering an impartial, knowledgeable opinion at trial.

Experts should be able to communicate effectively with legal teams, meet court deadlines, and prepare accurate, well-written expert reports admissible in a court of law. Often, it can be challenging to find an expert who has all these traits and possesses the specialised knowledge appropriate to your case.

While factors such as experience, qualifications, professionalism, and fees are of course central to selecting an expert, they are not foolproof grounds for making a decision. Listed below are four clear signs that you’ve selected the wrong expert and need to source an alternative.

Your expert is not credible

A key part of expert evidence is the credibility of your expert both on paper and in the court room. Your expert needs to have sufficient training,education, and experience to convince the court that their opinion is well-substantiated and worthy of being taken seriously. If your case goes to trial, it is of paramount importance that your expert is comfortable with a trial setting and able to withstand cross-examination confidently.

If your expert does not have the education, experience, and confidence required to present a credible, qualified opinion, look for better alternatives.

Your expert spends a little too much time as an expert witness

Generally, leading experts gain their experience by spending the vast majority of their time practicing as a professional in their field. While a wealth of expert testimony is in itself a good sign, spending a disproportionate amount of time in the witness box, rather than in practice, should be a red flag. Ideally, expert witnesses should have both specialised knowledge and recent, practical experience in their field of expertise.

If your expert is more over-used than they are experienced, it’s time to search for another one.

Your expert lacks conviction

The foremost duty of an expert witness is one of impartiality to the court; witnesses should not be an advocate for either party – not even the one paying their fees.

If your expert appears easily swayed by your comments and is eager to change the substance of their report in order to align more closely with what they believe you are wishing to hear, it may be unwise to continue to engage their services.

Your expert charges an unreasonable fee

As with other consultants, experts set their fees based on the complexity of the case and the time required to review files, prepare a report and, if necessary, appear in court. Yet legal teams should be wary of experts who charge rates that appear at odds with the demands of the case at hand.

If you suspect that your expert is charging more than what could be deemed reasonable for the review of documents and preparation of an expert opinion, you may want to make the switch to another expert.


An impressive CV or extensive field experience alone do not qualify a professional as an expert witness. Rather, there is a broad variety of factors to consider when selecting and engaging an expert.

If your chosen expert shows one or more of the signs above, we recommend terminating your business relationship and approaching Experts to find a better choice.

Achieving Success With the Seven-Step IT Consulting Process

With the state of today’s technology, maintaining a streamlined, efficient, and productive system – especially one that is complicated and contains many moving parts – is crucial. The processes and systems in place with an organization are capable of achieving a business’s mission, but they must be safeguarded and optimized on a constant basis to ensure that they are operating effectively. Thus, the field of IT consulting is of paramount importance.

To keep an organization’s complex systems running correctly – as well as the protocols and standards in place that govern the system and ensure compliance – it’s important to lean on IT consulting experts who have the experience and skills you need.

One way to ensure that your infrastructure remains proficient is to incorporate a proven process. Here is an overview of a seven-step IT consulting process that has been used to provide superior Information Technology support for countless organizations.


The first step is to properly assess the situation. No progress can be made until both the consultants and the team thoroughly understands not only the status quo, or current state, but also the problem at hand and any vulnerabilities that may exist.


Once the infrastructure has been properly analyzed, the next step is to create plans for moving forward. These plans vary from communication plans to protocol for addressing each specific problem or vulnerability with the resources at hand. It’s important for the business to clearly communicate their stated objectives so the plans can strategically target the mission of a company.


Once plans have been created, it’s time to implement them. This is a detail-intensive stage. There are many moving pieces to your typical infrastructure, and all must be properly addressed. Solutions have to be implemented smoothly in order for the solution to be successful, and this requires close cooperation between the organization and the consultant.


During the implementation, it will be necessary to show care in protecting privacy, sensitive data, and confidential information. This is even more critical if work is being performed on the company’s cyber-security protocols.


After projects are completed, it’s essential to perform end-user testing on all builds and systems to ensure that all capabilities are working as intended and that there are no shortcomings. This is generally performed before the project is approved for final delivery to the client.


Part of the responsibility of an IT consulting team is to train the client so that team members can confidently and easily use any program or application. It’s also important that the client understands what was done and how to maintain the integrity of the system.


Finally, there are standards and regulations that must be abided by, including laws, statutes, and internal policy. It’s key that the consultants understand these crucial guidelines and construct a solution that adheres to them.

IT consulting can help an organization maintain the health and operability of a system. Using this seven-step process, a solution can be confidently and correctly implemented.

Risk Management For Consultants

If you are doing some professional job and you have to deal with people who ask you for insurances, loans and employee benefits then you might bethinking of who are the trainees of such people. Answer is of course the companies who have employed them but the true answer is the risk management consultant team which defines the standards for insurances, loans, and consultancy and employees benefits.

The main mission behinds the consultants is to provide benefits to employers, consultants, dealers and public related to them. We can say that a law consultant who is managing your risk is management by the risk consultant, management team.

The risk management consultants can provide benefits in education, skill learning, Profession, ethical guidance, exchange of information and promotion of professionals. The team members of consultant team is based on highly qualifier, trained, professional experienced members who are ethically strong and can guide the consultants according to their demands.

If you are a consultant and you need to have guidance from any person about your business and future business planning to avoid risks and risk factors that can come in your way of success so you should hire the risk management consultant for your guidance.

The risk management consultants are available on individual as well as the company basis. But the more professional consultants are those who are working with the organizations because they are more experienced and skillful that is the reason companies hired them for the risk management consultancy for other people.

The risk management consultants for consultants are trained in dong several activities. When you hire them they first try to do the exposure analysis regarding your field. They try to think about the organization by keen planning that on the basis of on going business what can be the future problems and what should be done to avoid and solve problems.

Further they make recommendation on what to do to control risk, whether they ask you to get professional indemnity insurance or to change management according to the requirement of your organization. There are some other things that they can say you to avoid risk but it is just an example. They mange the marketing strategies by analyzing the ratio of risk and provides with the best strategy to improve the organizations standard in the markets. They make marketing proposals, evaluate them and then recommend consultants to take further steps.

The risk management consultancies keep in contact with you and provide you the guidance whenever you want for your organization. In other words you can say that they become a part of your organization when you hire them for your work.

If you are looking for the specialized services then some risk management consultants can hire for special purposes. They can provide you guidance according to their specialized filed. The risk management consultants can help you in making audits, claiming audits, finding views and reviews, safety and protection programs, guiding through the professional indemnity insurance policies suitable for your company, serve as expert witnesses for organization, analyzing the related professionals of your business and providing ways to fight against them in market adjusting risk factors related to finance and profit and loss, broker selection and review, disaster planning and setting standards and rules for the employees working in organization etc.

Risk management consultancies are specialized in their specific filed and can be very helpful for your business consultancy.

Expert Advice and Timely Work – How Certified Tax and Accountancy Specialists Work

For those who operate businesses, whether small, medium or large ones, the process of preparing balance sheets, auditing requirements, and loads of tax forms is a tough one, especially if they don’t have time to do all this or if they lack the knowledge to complete the procedures. Getting help from a number of professional taxation and accounting-related consultancy experts will do a lot in helping business owners and corporations maximize their time and ensure that their financial resources are well-audited and in proper order. For instance, the services offered by independent accountants considerably differ in a lot of aspects, especially if you get these from an accountant on your payroll. The following paragraphs will give an overview of the wide array of services that professional taxation and accountancy consultants render.

The process of bookkeeping refers to the recording of businesses’ daily trading transactions. All pertinent data such as purchase receipts, expense invoices, sales invoices, credit notes received and issued, delivery charges and delivery notes, cash sales, cash received from debtors and others are entered into an official accounting record, which many call the accounting “books”. These days, most accounting books come in software form, with the records entered using the fundamental double entry system and other accounting rules, on the computer. Your accountancy consultant may provide your firm with the required accounting software, and provide the training as well for properly implementing an automated accounting system in your small business or large firm. The use of modern accounting software constitutes a more personal accounting and banking, as well as providing key decision makers and managers a more hands-on approach to their work.

Professional Tax Advice: Most people instantly think about “income tax” when someone talks about giving professional tax advice. Well, an income tax is only one of the many forms of taxation that are imposed by the central government to spend for social programs and other services. In the United Kingdom for example, a large segment of the income tax and capital gains taxes are both managed by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs Department (HMRC). An income tax serves as the main source of income for the government. This form of taxation is based on the earned and unearned income of a business entity or individual employee. For this tax, there are a series of payment scales mandated by the government yearly as part of its budget process, and each person who has an income is liable for paying these, provided that their income is above the threshold. Taxation and accounting consultancy services help your firm to thresh out the details, fill the right forms, know the appropriate tax laws, and steer clear of any penalties.

Corporation taxes on the other hand, are payable annually and this are important tax payments that companies should not miss. This type of tax is levied on a limited company’s taxable income or profits. This type of tax however is not applicable for self-employed individuals, but only applies to limited companies, organizations as well as Members’ clubs, societies and associations. The value added tax (VAT) on the other hand, may be quite stressful to handle, especially when the deadlines arrive. According to tax experts, the VAT is one of the most complicated taxes that are levied on businesses, since failing to complete such returns on time would result in incurring applicable penalties and interest. An Accountancy and Taxation consultant will offer to help your firm keep up with the latest HMRC regulations, as well as offer complete advice on the tricky aspects of VAT such as the Flat Rate Scheme, VAT registration, Vat planning and administration, compulsory registration timing, the benefits and drawbacks of voluntary registration, VAT on imports and exports, as well as Customs and Excise VAT.

The Importance of Having a Professional Foreclosure Consultant to Represent Your Interests

There are record numbers of home mortgage foreclosures occurring across the United States today. If you are one of the millions of Americans who are at risk of foreclosure, then you will need to obtain the assistance of a professional foreclosure consultant. They can save you time, money, embarrassment, confusion, aggravation, and most importantly, they can even save you from losing your home in many cases. Even if you have received a Notice of Default and/or a Notice of Sale from your lender, it may not be too late to save your home from foreclosure.

A professional foreclosure consultant is one who represents you in any or all of the following ways:

-Stopping or at least postponing your foreclosure sale;

-Exercising your rights for reinstatement (if applicable in your state);

-Obtaining a reinstatement extension from your lender;

-Obtaining a waiver of any clause in your deed of trust or mortgage that accelerates the seizure and/or sale of your home;

-Obtaining a loan for you to bring the mortgage loan current;

-Assist you in ameliorating any impairment or damage to your credit rating;

-Completely stop the foreclosure process;

When you stand to lose your home to foreclosure, the time starts to fly by you like a jet. It seems that you just can’t catch up and you need assistance. Many times, the pending feelings of doom associated with a scheduled foreclosure keep the homeowner so upset that they cannot seem to function optimally. A professional, seasoned foreclosure consultant can step in and return the situation to normal for you – or at least make sure that you are represented as best you can be and make sure that whatever transpires is the best for you that is possible.

With the extreme number of foreclosures happening in the country today, laws are being revised to try and accommodate borrowers so that they are able to bring their loans current and rectify the foreclosure situations. Your lender’s loss mitigation department has representatives that deal with these issues on a daily basis – and they are in place to assure the least possible loss for the lending organization. They are not necessarily there to help you. If they feel that the lending company will lose less by foreclosing than to work with you, then foreclosure it will be. That is, unless you obtain expert representation to take charge of the situation and help you to become able to save your home by avoiding foreclosure.

If you are in danger of being foreclosed against, especially if you have already received a Notice of Default and/or a Notice of Sale, then please visit today and learn more about how a professional foreclosure consulting expert can be greatly beneficial to you and your family. We understand how difficult times are and we know just how much your home means to you.

New Business Consultants – Offer Services to International Clients This Week

New business consultants are often near sighted (can’t see anything far away) with their belief in their ability to reach and positively impact companies around the world. That’s usually because they falsely believe that much of the world is too far behind the technology curve or that many countries have different laws, cultures and business practices they do not know and that scares them.

Let’s take each one of the fears mentioned above one at a time, first is the false belief that other countries are too far behind the technology curve.

OK let’s say that might be true for a percentage of the world, there’s still the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Europe as well. Each of these countries has a strong knowledge and fluency in the English language. In addition you will find each of these countries also have high speed internet, credit cards (so you can get paid online), and millions of prospects each.

Next how to overcome the differences in laws, culture, and business practices. Once you have started a conversation with a prospect, either through email or a request for a phone consultation you can narrow what their needs are and than just ask them.

Ask them if there is any business practices within this project that they know of that are different than those in the U.S. If they say yes, than ask them what they are, next ask them what they believe is the best way to address theses issues. If they offer you suggestions you’re in business, if they say they don’t know, inform them that you may need to consult experts in those areas in which you have no expertise.

This will not weaken your credibility; if anything it shows them that you are the right person. You are a true international business consultant, someone who understands the complexities involved with international business. Moreover you will have demonstrated your ability to identify those areas in which you need to bring in other team members, to provide the best results you can for the client.

Remember the client wants results; they don’t usually care how you get them just that you get them. Just stay legal and give what you promise, and do it with confidence of someone who can do the job even if you don’t have the answer to every problem, let them know you know how to get it. If you do that you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re ready to go to learn more about how to Write your own Book and Scale it into a $4,000 – $10,000 Teaching, Training, Coaching or Consulting Program than go to; [] for your free “Fast Start Guide To Writing A Book”